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Woodland Reflecting Transformation

Into the dark green arboreal shadow,
I gaze and wonder at each twig.
The leaves, some broad and bold, some slender,
and notice in the darkness of its depth,
light caught on tall grass its plumed seeds held high,
catching the grasp of morning sunbeams,
and waving gently though the air is still.

Each day the modest plumes stretch up and diverge,
reaching as if to show their grace, lighten in color,
then deepen as the seeds enlarge, increase..
Now, passing time accents the next indentation,
and lower bushes there reveal
another display of grasses with their plumage,
as those earlier seen blend in the underbrush.

As graceful plumes of grass again, catch sunlight,
the saplings growing. just behind change hue
Now those young seedling hold their rich green foliage,
and soften the view as changing leaves descend,
from boughs of mighty oak and maple, poplar,quaking aspen,
and calmly the yellow leaves of birch.

Proud plumes of regal grasses imperceptibly,
bend and bow and soundless, sink from sight,
Only saplings occupy the sparse edge space.
Virginia creepers, woodbine, their grasp hold,
young trees they, with tendrils, encircle in a coil.

Look! A hint of scarlet, claret, mauve, a shoot,
reaching out from the tight entwining to catch,
a whiff of pre-autumn's crispy breeze.

Seeds, beneath the mass of leaves,
under crumpled grass, awaiting,
snow's soft blanket, far-off bedding,
hushed when brisk fall breeze abates.

Summer's coming and its going,
await the fickle thawing, rushing spring.

@07/07/2020 Carol Welch
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