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Stirred By Humanity

Our melting pot is not so hot,
as once was thought and planned;
The heroes of civil rights and love,
don't all our ways command.

Liberty's statue and its plaque,
speaks opportunity for all.
For all the good will, looking back,
many good efforts, snarled, fall.

So, all those welcomed hopeful folk,
whether choosing or compelled,
each with their purpose and their yoke,
tradition and culture held.

And race and creed and color too,
we recognize and see.
In the best of melting pots, it's true,
there is the right to be.

Now, labels are helpful for the sake,
from toxins to be free,
but, beauty, our point of view to make,
humanity, you and me.

Must a mother warn. "suspicion, scorn,
are what you will expect?"
Those who care, human rights declare,
say, "Treat all with respect."

I want to be your friend, my friend,
but you look at me and see,
by what you've heard, deceiving word,
that I'm your enemy.

The law has decreed, to humanity heed,
but fear and difference rate.
What a shame, but who's to blame,
when hearts won't integrate?

@07/13/2020 Carol Welch
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