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Absence of Birds

The birds are back; let's share the joy.
A fur-footed miscreant caused rash eviction,
acting our bird feeder to destroy.
Faith creeps back, foe gone, renewed conviction.

For days, without bird visitors, I grieved,
the brilliant cardinal, perky chick-a-dee, and finch,
Time passed, and longing sense perceived,
to face the risk, I ventured inch by inch.

Replaced the feeder: results: would you guess?
Eager birds just flocking to the post,
where I hung the new one, my success?
Oh, no, they feared and retreated from their host.

Then, yesterday, the birds I least desired,
touched down; reluctantly, I welcomed them.
Hopefully, with fingers crossed, a little flier,
with colors I like, would arrive, my gem.

Now, to my delight, the ruddy cardinal,
woodpeckers diverse, diligent, took part,
purple finch (mostly red) an avian doll,
and rose-breasted grosbeak blessed my heart.

With delayed fulfillment of my ardent wish,
appreciation exceeded former magnitude.
If admiring visiting birdies is your dish,
you'll concur with my exuberant mood.

@07/17/2020 Carol Welch


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