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Overcoming Ruination

Oh Science, can you serve to save the sinking ship?
Reports about her ruin rampant radiate.
And can the politics prevent her plummet,
as spreading speculation seems to state.

Can social awareness stem the threatening tide,
from many sides its harshness bringing on,
with guidance, turn its keel, from peril, aside?
Oh, peace, unravel violence; bring the calm.

Each citizen of earth's vast lands and homes,
encroached by toxic attitudes and germ,
attacked and undermined by sinister syndromes,
organisms gone awry or human motives infirm.

Today is strange with all its complications,
conflict on top of attack, illness unforeseen.
our human powers meeting with frustration,
let faith, brotherhood, and trust in God be seen.

@07/22/2020 Carol Welch
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