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Summer in Wisconsin in Fun and Challenge

(This, perhaps is primarily practice, pointed at prime purpose)

Awash, as warned, with whack of wind-whipped, walloping waves,
a furious flash flood in its frenzied way, fills fertile fields,
and gritty gravel grade and grinds out a gully, gulch, or gulf.
Impossible, impassible, impervious---but wait!
abatement may abbreviate discouraging delay.
Machines may manage masterfully if time allows intrusion to occur,
and manpower, wisely wielded, may alleviate the loss.
Nature gone wild, may mother remedy as wise invention,
turns the tragedy to working as a team, and folks who feared the worst find fellowship.
Summer, in the sphere of streams and sloughs and really lavish lakes,
while offering pleasure, peace, and promised leisure,
possess possibility of calamity.
So, those who plan, peruse the prospects, and flexibly approach,
may find fun and experience a saga of splendid solutions.

@07/07/2020 Carol Welch
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