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Celebrate Our Best

July over the horizon is peeping;
we remember the glories gone by.
It's hoped in our hearts we are keeping,
integrity of that aim as ally.

Remember the words, "all equally made,"
and hold onto or grasp once again,
principles we've learned, and what was paid,
to bring freedom and hope to all men.

As we salute the red, white, and blue,
beneath bright rockets sparkle and gleam,
Let us think of the vision of liberty true;
stand for it, not just a dream.

Let's think, as we stand all rapt and in awe,
opportunity for what is best,
is held in Great Hands, survival and law,
as we journey through a great test.

So, this July, and all that have gone,
keep, lift up the great land where we live,
with thanks for this and each following dawn,
and our best for all, let us give.

@06/29/2020 Carol Welch
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