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Summer 2020

Time to miss show of classic cars,
not gathering in the park.
Seats in restaurants and bars,
empty after dark.

The summer is, as was foretold,
when winter's signs were dire,
and the virus, stealthy, uncontrolled,
sudden trauma! Death and fire!

From quiet fear, sought remedy,
to pain, panic, land involved,
centered--historic--on tragedy,
by hysterical protest, solved?

Stores, temporarily not active,
avoiding virus spread,
now, society, hatefully reactive,
disorder, destruction, dread.

To school? No; playground controlled,
no worship or singing expressed;
caution, spread of illness's hold,
now, reopen? Wait? Slowly? What's best?

The bandstand, bereft of music played,
the theaters empty or sparse,
parks, social distance, obedience paid.
We can still look at the stars.

Oh! Stars! And fireworks too,
a lift in this summer so strange.
Fireworks, though moved, will light up the blue.
A relief--some things may not change.

@06/27/2020 Carol Welch
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