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Two Thousand Nineteen

Today, across the sea, it's Boxing Day,
Where the surplus of gifting and of feast ,
are being shared with those across the way,
joy and abundance shared by great and least.

The calendar says, again, the days move on,
squares with numbers seen across the page,
the gladdest day of the year has passed for some;
for all, a day is added to our age.

The winter's shortest day has trundled past.
We look ahead; here comes another year,
a better year, hoped, some ways than the last,
outside us, unpredictable, but near;

though, only in our actions, we proceed,
not in outcomes do we have a choice.
The next step,wisely guided if we heed,
a matter of our doing and our voice.

The urge that seems to be a helpful move,
step out, using judgment, avoiding wrong,
asking to be able to do in love,
in ourselves and others, bring a song.

Forward, our marching orders spell,
Two Thousand and Nineteen can succeed,
a day, step at a time, to do it well;
let stout-hearted courage take the lead..

The world that dreads its ultimate demise,
where faction against faction take the ground,
can such small ones as we bring glad surprise,
together, step by step, make peace come around?

@12/27/2018 Carol Welch
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