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First Day of Winter

In the morning, I ponder on You, Lord;
another season now is here.
As You promised in Your word,
comes sure revolving of the year.

The freshness, harbinger of spring,
summer, with its growth and heat;
autumn,changes teetering,
color, frost, and harvest sweet.

Today, the day's the shortest one,
not so clear though, to the eye;
they increase, less night, more sun;
the seasons bring a smile or sigh.

Departures to the school in fall,
a going to their home in spring,
sadness to some and change to all,
such the passing of years may bring.

A gladness when a family starts;
joyously, new life begins,
the settling in and joining hearts,
trusting Your will, good often wins.

A steadfast anchor when we've lost,
a dear one or lifelong desire,
when a fair day with storm is tossed,
You guard us from the flood and fire.

Like seas and seasons ebb and flow,
sometimes, our will just simply won't.
But as friends and favor come and go,
You don't.

@12/21/2018 Carol Welch
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