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Connecticut, so far away,
came alive for me
recounted by a brown-eyed grandma,
her summer seasons by the sea

Her daddy bore Florida's torrid heat,
to work the summer long,
transported Mom and children north,
to sea breezes, beaches' song.

Not like a vacation for her,
her Mama couldn't bear,
before AC, the summer heat;
they simply traveled there.

So summer for the little girl,
was scenes marine in tone,
the village setting rustic,
the lighthouse sounding, lone.

Unlike proverbial snow birds,
they found comfort in cool breeze,
away from sunny Florida,
summer, picturesque, with ease.

The year 'round folk, a different sort,
so family was the key,
to summertime adventure,
by sand dunes, pebbles, sea.

Crustaceans and shellfish too ,
available and delicious,
the seaside fences, watch fisher men,
secure lobsters and fishes.

When school days bode, and summer ends,
the brilliant hardwoods say,
"Goodbye", summer girls and seaside friends,
who go their homeward way.

When Florida greets and giggling friends,
meet for the winter term,
through years , Connecticut never ends,
calls, tones both misty and firm.

@01/15/2019 Carol Welch
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