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To Dads

To hands, awkward and untried, the priceless to lift,
broad, calloused from hammer, wrench or saw,
placed the precious, incredible, begotten gift,
soft as a new chick, wraps him in awe.

In wonder, the first meeting with small boy or girl,
changes life in ways not fathomed now.
Around his finger, hands, in miniature, curl,
astounding, this miracle;: Well, Wow!

It was new, amazing, the day he became,
along with the girl that he had wed,
a dad of a new person, time to choose a name;
wonder over their little home spread.

Can you believe the youth, just barely grown,
with the smattering of living that he'd had,
now, as head of house, family man is known;
one will call him by his new name,' Dad'

Who would think, in weeks, this small girl or boy,
would, in pleasure, be lifted to fly,
smile and gurgle in happy infant joy,
on these hands, once hesitant to try.

Fast forward: Little League or Brownie scouts;
school events. Dad, be sure and come.
Bless the baited hooks and cheering shouts,
sharing taxi service with mom.

The horsy-back becomes driver's test,
and waiting up late sometimes,
damp eyes when escorting a daughter dressed,
in white when wedding bells chime.

Prepare for a long, up and down way,
to the years, loving times you will add.
On this happy, honored day,
we say, 'May God bless you, Dad'.

@06/13/2020 Carol Welch
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