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Honorable and Steadfast

What's that, aloft with stripes of red,
pure rippling with white, catching our eye?
field of white stars on deep blue bed,
expressing when our hopes are high.

Through obstacles from history,
grim set of jaw and knuckles white,
with cheers raised up for victory,
pacts, reparations follow fight.

Each stripe had meaning; stars count too,
as we survey her in the air.
Adding states, many points of view,
for the melting pot, we focus prayer.

It's here and now, we, resolute,
must keep in mind equality.
When breaking hearts and aims confute,
go back, and look what keeps us free.

When we fall short of lofty aim,
our bold and brilliant flag, convey,
her laurels keep; uphold in name,
for all, a free and better day.

@06/03/2020 Carol Welch
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