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A Dream of Remedy

It may seem that we're far apart,
but only for your safety's sake;
the feeling here within each heart,
is hope that you too, may partake.

With love of God and neighbor too,
your family, welcomed, may sit close;
With joy and love, we welcome you,
His hand upon us, needed most.

The day may come, our dearest hope,
that fear of nearness may be past,
the remedy, more than to cope,
the danger gone, shake hands at last.

The world of science, faith held too,
that violence within, without;
may banished be, a healing new,
a change for good and free from doubt.

The world so strange, cleared by the light,
with differences, wounds, and scars,
seeing clearly wrong from right,
the answer, love, let it be ours.

So crowding sought to right the wrong,
can turn to reason, empathy,
the shout of threat into a song,
no virus spread, the mass set free.

@06/01/2020 Carol Welch
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