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Summer Begins

The days start to grow shorter when summer arrives;
what we waited for comes to full bloom.
The days that grew longer with all that one strives;
we greet the new bride and the groom.

The sparklers sputter; soon sky rockets blast,
bright flowers displayed on the street.
It seems summer's magic forever will last,
as under the bright moon we meet.

On the lake, the wake from the boat hails its speed;
On the dock, the deft sportsman casts flies.
What we dreamed of in spring, to time give no heed,
until thunder breaks darkening skies.

The kids on the playground with ball, bat, and base,
in fun and in earnest compete.
Winners with winners contend for first place,
slapping backs, hope for victory sweet.

The seeds in the garden, the hay in the field,
corn stretching up, move on under the sun.
Beauty display while producing their yield,
healthy tiredness, when day is done.

The romance that led to young families,
soon they are off to work, off to school,
the long, lazy days beneath shady trees,
culminate in careers as a rule.

The horizon widens; generations expand;
changes come before unjaded eyes.
Let go; welcome, wave farewell, in God's hand,
discovering, as we live, what we prize.

It's hard to believe that what we held in view,
as the aim and the goal of our lives,
like the days that lengthened, one by one, it's true,
grow shorter when summer arrives.

@06/19/2020 Carol Welch
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