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Plain, coarse, brown tubers on the bench lay,
only recognized from the past,
led me to interest, attention to pay;
I recalled this appearance miscast.

Dinner plate: description caught my mind's eye,
from button size to full expanse,
colors, flamboyant, display, come July,
consummate, diverse, happy dance.

Put in holes, all dug and prepared,
pointed end and/or sprout at the top,
as days pass, or weeks, leaves meet air;
deep green, pointed lobes, hope for crop

With nature's planned cycle, gardeners heed,
we see plants with buds in the row,
growing in height, as we conquer each weed;
soon the promised bright blossoms will show.

As inevitable, vile Japan beetle crept in,
into gummy globs, tunneled and munched,
humongous petals, intended to win,
into bright, bountiful baskets bunched.

Eureka, memory provides remedy,
a powder "Garden Gard," from days gone by,
and plate-size or smaller, from ruin set free,
and their colors they flaunt 'neath the sky.

Summer's end, looking tough, frosts can't survive,
Dig out the tubers that multiplied;
store cool, not freezing, dormant but alive.
plain nondescript, hope for next summer's pride.

@06/21/2020 Carol Welch
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