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Timeless Celebration

This morning, encountering a barrage,
symbols, sounds of Christmas, bright collage,
I attempt to assemble them in my mind,
first, the Three Kings, the Christ-seeking kind.
Three exuberant voices, a tenor sings;
one more, and another, reflecting gifts, rings.

Around me, images, houses and streets,
celebrations with visuals and treats
Rumbling, tumbling among words and song,
Christmas parades, decorations and throng,
celebrating the dear Christ-child's birth,
with top-hatted, lively and high-stepping mirth.

A multicolored, lighted musical note,
decorating in yard with bright neon palm,
Carols sound from the joyfue throat,
jolly new piece or a Christmas psalm.
Fluorescent satin, soft snowy furs,
depictions coming forth, pageant scene whirs.

It's an old, yes, new Christmas celebration,
lowing cow, bleating lamb, witnessing incarnation.
Demonstrating their favor of creche and star,
proclaiming beliefs--was--will be--and are.
Though nay-sayers may object and protest,
the joyous believers proclaim,yet, the best.

Memories reflect Mama's stitches, Dad's tools,
effort succeeding in dear gifts past Yules.
See grandchildren in twinkling bright tennis shoes,
about to outgrow cute baby talk they use,
tickling us with their heartfelt lines,
our hearts warm too among tinsel and pines.

A lively, lovely Christmas holiday,
depicted in the new, old-fashioned way.
Dollar stores, thrift stores, boutiques are shopped,
Happy smiles are smiled, surprised eyes, popped.
With organ, electric keyboard, humble drum,
Today, the Truth to the world has still Come.

@12/13/2018 Carol Welch
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