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My 2017 Trip

Your shining faces, welcoming homes,
the fellowship I desired,
made possible by your welcome,
as I took plunge the trip required.

The hilly roads, yards hugging curves,
frequented by the random turkey
opportunity to see various arts,
flower gardens lush and perky.

I hold close to my heart today,
images gathered last September,
special meeting in unique cafe,
pugs and beautiful equine member.

Thanks for the scenes that I'll relate;
I hope someone has a printer,
so I'll recall the places, date,
before it closes into winter.

Grand mountains, aquarium, winery,
hospitality you extended,
Mother nature in her finery,
unwilling, I, to see it ended.

Nursing me through my inattentive plight,
seeing me kindly off toward home,
on a memorable, if assisted, flight,
thoughts of you remain as I veg or roam.

@12/15/2018 Carol Welch
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