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Enterprise Prognosis

I've set out on an enterprise,
with refined results I've viewed,
for those whose painstaking tendencies,
depict nature, styles multihued.

As needlepoint, intricate, detailed,
a plan following the design,
the patient effort is entailed,
true, each stitch to its form and line.

Latch hook now seems more direct,
the area of planned design,
'til seen the number of threads effect,
the pattern,the form and line.

That may explain my attitude,
as I view the task ahead:
for variance, no latitude,
my intent I nearly shed.

And, still, the outcome looks so plush,
so colorful, soft and fine;
Though I can't produce it in a rush,
the result would be just mine.

So, I commit to make the skirt,
for a --future--Christmas tree;
perhaps working hour at a spurt,
complete in twenty-thirty-three.

These short rhymes almost seem the same;
other tasks are set aside.
Though determination is its name,
end and vision may collide.

@12/08/2018 Carol Welch
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