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Thanks, Doing and Celebrating

It isn't that the walk's so long, or that the air is cold,
that makes the daunting effort strenuous,
that causes me to see the act as bold,
more, it's because the strength is tenuous.

We're told, “use it or lose it,” quite a theme,
I may mutter cynically as stamina fade.
To agelessly maintain our strength the dream,
or recall the gain, the lesson progress made.

As autumn settles in, it's brisk and may be bright;
look at that side; it may be gratitude,
for all we experienced, both dark and light,
and celebrate the surroundings, many hued.

For some, it's families with which to share,
our home, life we are graciously allowed.
Many find meaning in challenges they dare,
bettering their best, helped from on high, heads bowed.

Nature grants its beauty, varied, to enjoy,
with wildlife, birds, the hunt, or just to see.
Early snow brings to each girl or boy,
the thrill of speeding sleds or hills to ski.

It isn't that the road is long and cold,
or that, at the end is warmth and feast .
We anticipate the dear ones we may hold,
Thanksgiving, Father's giving has not ceased.

@11/19/2019 Carol Welch
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