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December Foretaste

The wind that blasted, roared and whined,
bore rain and snow, sleet that fast adhered;
vertical trunks, chevron limbs outlined,
white not unlike an old man's beard.

The roads and walks glaze of snow encrusted,
walk carefully on surfaces precarious;
What, in dry weather can be trusted,
if discretion fails, nefarious.

Adjust to the changes in the weather,
beauty of nature not to be short sold;
brave it all to joyously get together.
Hearts warmed join to surpass the cold.

What a sight, pines with whipped cream load;
naked hardwoods, etched with ice,
groceries in preparation amply stowed,
school closing possible? Can seem nice.

When we anticipated Indian summer,
crescendo, warmth's temporary stay,
some may see this change as a bummer,
diminuendo, the coming shortest day.

To those from northern climes, it's been stated,
compared to moonlight on a balmy bay,
by God-given expanse of white fields elated,
white Christmas, welcome, comes our way.

@12/02/2019 Carol Welch
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