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Annual Ice Fishing Contest

The world all around so uncertain,
threats of virtual tornadoes and storms,
glares of hatred, recoiling in fear,
while faction and enmity forms.

The day, cold and snowy, surrounds us;
we anticipate competition of sports.
Hardies face windchill with brave eagerness,
quarries concealed beneath, ice houses their ports.

Earth's factions vie for supremacy,
in the nation, the world at large;
here, dinner, celebration, anticipation,
hold the fore; are the fish now in cherge?

Will we cheer for the outcome and progress,
or cringe at the dreaded conclusion?
Best, check out the ice house and temperature,
while high spirits trump doubt and confusion.

Turn our attention from earth's fear and dread,
when smile and humor may give a lift,
to the freezing spectators, shaking their head,
as they shield from the wind chill and drift.

Competitors and spectators cheer with a thrill,
when the winners display what they wish.
The preparing, endurance pay effort and will,
with the flash of large, silvery fish.

While hearts in excitement are beating;
attention to rules, contest controls.
A little guy accuses of cheating ,
“the competitors are drilling holes.”

So, looking at life in a larger scale,
pray for clear minds and freedom from fear.
Smile, today we're not pursuing a whale;
enjoy the day now and here.

@01/27/2020 Carol Welch
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