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Address Book

What a well-made little book,
spiral bound within its spine,
to hold my info when I look,
names of family and friends of mine.

To send congratulations on a special day,
an invitation to an event,
Farewell, hear you're going away;
Good wishes follow wherever you went.

Remittance for all those recurring bills;
let the check make it before bill arrives.
Taking out garbage or needed fuel fills,
good standing, financial and friendship thrives.

Does it make good reading, history to state?
Memories and updating contained in its leaves,
hating to write “deceased” adding the date,
as I mail to the friend who now grieves.

It's worn from its stay in my handbag;
to lose it, disaster elephantine.
Losing touch as dear as a handshake,
I hope they have hung onto mine.

At a loss, too bad in this season,
when expressing affection is fine,
having a heartfelt reason,
to mail out a sweet valentine.

@01/28/2020 Carol Welch
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