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Celebration of Love

Festooning of red and green, now passe',
as we pass from a joyous season,
the Currier and Ives image of the sleigh,
with nostalgia more than reason.

An obstacle, snow, though picturesque,
that graces field and byway,
gives some a break from book and desk,
mixed blessing of a snow day.

The shops again display much red,
but not with green's bright pairing.
White frames hearts with sweet words read,
friendship or love declaring

Our God who made this lustrous land,
with color and shape enhancing,
in many ways, gives love so grand,
friends, family, or romancing.

The holiday trimmed in red and green,
God's ultimate gift bestowing,
freeing His people with soul redeemed,
plus romance and families growing.

With white and red we celebrate,
with hearts and love words spoken.
And sometimes they shyly hesitate,
A little Valentine, the token.

@01/27/2020 Carol Welch
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