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Supremacy of Snow

Patience, now materialize,
oh, quiet veil of white,
sifting, hushed, before our eyes,
threat? Oh, no none in sight.

Tracks in snow from yesterday,
gently blend and fade.
Where we tiptoed flurries way,
in hours, we boot-high, wade.

Will we huddle in or go,
take part or just seclude,
be a detainee of snow,
hemmed in the quiet wood?

Restless, we ponder going out,
take part, and the day begin,
gain the good; let go of doubt,
but, will we get back in?

So, we sit and meditate,
a search for truth, we clasp.
By milligram, snow adds its weight,
and holds us in its grasp.

With stealth, the innocent, white snow,
moves be degrees to win;
we, though, as unobstructed, go,
wait for plow to come back in.

@02/09/2020 Carol Welch
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