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Season's Revolution

Do shining rays glint on a lamb,
or does fierce lion hold the fore?
Or sound the forceful horn of ram?

Could hope for spring be based on sham,
diminishing dread of lion's roar,
as shining rays glint on the lamb?

Captivating warmth halts with a slam
reversing tendency to soar,
alarmed like forceful horn of ram.

A bit of green near bridge or dam,
winged forms to fancy, spring in store,
softening the scene like gentle lamb.

Into short days, we tend to cram,
springtime pursuits we're longing for,
compelled boldly as by horn of ram.

We visualize the lion and lamb,
two sides of savored days of yore,
fashioned wisely by the great I Am,
time when lion yields to lamb.

@03/01/2020 Carol Welch
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