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Standard Time

It's expected; won't be long now,
earlier twilight predicted soon.
Dawn, too, brief change will allow,
sun actually straight south at noon.

We'll get it right now, turn the clock back,
at breakfast now, a little sun,
rays peeking up, no merriment lack,
a few days, and its earliness, done.

Next week, we won't be late for service,
our error--whew!--no one yet there.
Though confusion may make us nervous,
someone else early, our red faces share.

A week from Monday, some cheer will reign;
children waiting for the school bus.
Morning daylight for their wait will remain,
until days shorten more, there's no fuss.

Each year. with life's other certitudes,
unless the government changes our plan,
we'll adapt to the change of time with good moods,
God, willing, we'll do what we can.

@10/30/2019 Carol Welch
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