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Subtle Filmy Farewell

Marvelous, misty half-moon,
lingering in the western sky,
though watched closely,diminishes soon,
our of reach of my eye.

The full moon, monarch of mid-month,
gave place to this pale partial form;
suppose the millionth or billionth,
time it waxed and waned in its term.

No aura ushers its leaving,
as the glow in the east greets the day;
a time for salute, not for grieving,
Father God brings the light, shows the way.

Pale moon, now we bid your portion,
mute farewell, if one even beholds;
the subtle, filmy contortion,
your position to the sight unfolds.

Translucent, dreamy half-disk in the sky,
ultimately, each time gives way,
may I grasp the impetus from on high,
to step into a meaningful day.

@03/26/2019 Carol Welch
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