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Friend, I Wish

Friend, more I cannot wish you,
that on life's path you'd find,
a like-minded soul in ways and view,
to share the seeking of the mind.

Who could appreciate from search, his own,
and receive with interest your ideas,
thus could nurture seeds you've sown,
while you revel in the value seen in his.

Further, in my heart I wish you,
could such an associate be found ,
that trust between the two would issue,
sharing of discovery abound.

It's been called marvelous what could be done,
if getting the credit is not the aim,
the joy of gathering solutions, won,
advancement of common good, the name.

Shared sorrow for how profit's schemes,
and loss of good for man,
have squelched accomplishment of dreams,
in doing good when we can.

Sharing, I can wish you, in your search for truth,
discernment when errors block the way,
expanding observations clung to from our youth
and a fellowships that together finds today.

@03/20/2019 Carol Welch
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