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So, What Has Changed?

What trivia I long to share;
it must be caused by age.
My silly drives and actions share;
I must have reached that stage.

I'd tell accomplishments I've made,
as I would have told my mother;
I now can balance to twenty counts,
on one foot or the other.

Of therapy, I could describe,
the movements that they teach me;
I'd recount before your interest lags,
how the results now reach me.

My shopping experience, I'd tell,
my savings, if you need them,
should you use what I do as well,
and have the time to heed them.

The interests of those I meet,
don't always fit my background.
They are all so specialized,
and not the ones that I've found.

The why and how of how this comes,
explanation I could give ya',
but , while the world around me hums,
I concentrate on trivia.

@03/21/2019 Carol Welch
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