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Makes one Wonder

This may be the beginning of a series,
that continues just 'til your mind wearies.
the couplet, quatrain, other pattern,
varied subject, meter, rhyme,
I'll resume here with random chatterin',
unless you run out of time:

Categorizing Plant

Partial to the natural flora,
in my area surrounding,
I tend to see a plethora,
of plants called weeds abounding..

My definition of a weed,
is that which doesn't bloom;
therefore many plants crowd 'round,
until there is no room.

The plants permitted to exist,
are those that meet my needs,
but those allowed to long persist,
their presence, I concede.

That's about it for just now,
unless I find spade or hoe,
then definitions change somehow,
and some will have to go.

@03/27/2019 Carol Welch
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