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Studio Seraph

As I was waiting, my breath bated,
anticipating her return,
for her attention, too, I waited,
and, her friendship and skill in turn.

As it turned out , I was preceded,
I saw later when a friend,
who, chic and smart, had what I needed;
a coif to envy , her skill did lend.

While my state was--too much time passed--
hair grown out, feeling unkempt,
trying to make my hair style last,
my own return later than I'd have dreampt.

Then, to my astonished wonder,
though available time, I knew, was rare,
my glum situation she burst asunder,
time set aside, beckoned to her chair.

Time I waited was well worth it,
my appearance much enhanced.
Lovely angel of Studio of Hair,
saved the day; I could have danced.

@05/04/2019 Carol Welch
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