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Cantankerous, a rather harmless mode, do you not think,
the Murphy's Law and more, personified?
Sometimes the attitude leaves quickly as a wink;
with no retort, we're better occupied.

So, if in one of us, cantankerous, not I,
a bit of inner humor may hold sway,
and let welcome acceptance anchor us-- we'll try,
a little bump or washboard on our way.

So, if our temperance, tested a bit, improves,
some crankiness may even bring a smile;
irritated self, disapproving of whom one loves,
become heedless to the cantankerous style.

And, so the inner recoil may reorganize;
instead of flinching, sore, as from a bludgeon,
adopt kindly acceptance, deeply realize,
and, with humor, say “the old curmudgeon.”

@07/09/2019 Carol Welch
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