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High Desert Fantasy

Of Joshua trees and nimble knees,
of buzzards soaring on the breeze:
these images cling to my heart.
They make me smile in whimsy dipped,
and still in deep affection gripped.
The knees enable effective step,
the company adds purpose, pep.

A punch bowl, some ingenious soul,
labeled land forms inviting stroll,
but there, the need for nimble knees,
though buzzards navigate the breeze,
our lesser imaginations soar.
These wonders view and still see more.

Our foot steps like the mountain goats,
inspire yodels in our throats,
Since yodels yet, we have not learned,
our allusions may be turned,
to tunes on the harmonica,
provided by dear Monica.

I see that I left 'heart' alone,
no rhyme to rejoice or bemoan.
I'll have now to attend that part,
to this line, you may add the______.

@07/15/2019 Carol Welch
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