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Midsummer, the Transient

July's mid-point hints at summer's close;
Black-eyed- Susan welcomes the rose;
milkweed hosts the caterpillar,
egg that butterfly covertly sowed,
prepared to brighten, color thriller,
Queen Anne's lace adds a gauzy mode.
Days shorten a bit, humidity high;
threatening thunder showers darken the sky.

Dismiss the thoughts of season's end;
in every season, a pleasant trend.
June's herbal scent of fresh cut hay,
leading to combining golden grain,
Children in refreshing water play,
joy of friendship, parting pain.
Fair time displays of skill and bounty,
caps off production of the county.

Care free the lake, the summer sky,
savor the memory of days gone by,
when berry-picking in the wood,
led to Mother's sauce and jam.
Friends and spats and brotherhood,
you could not define or diagram.
Fill the days until the fall,
time and seasons, embrace them all.

@07/27/2019 Carol Welch
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