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A Literary Form

Clever and witty, as ofttimes observed,
definitive, elusive, confusing to some,
frolicsome, whimsical, reasoning served,
some, contrary to sense, with insight struck dumb.

Irritating, offensive to some tender souls,
tickling the fancy, some seeking to laugh;
If tactful, objective, with sharing the goal,
you may bear with humor the tolerable half.

As with a punchline, the foundation laid,
the effort may be an arduous task.
For what satisfaction gained in what's said,
you think " fine" or say, "Why did I ask?"

Sarcastic, facetious, droll or benign,
depends on your outlook, all said and done,
eagerly grasp at--- irrelevant, resign,
hilarious, horrific, humorous—pun.

@03/27/2019 Carol Welch
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