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Seasonal Dependency

Maple ushers in flamboyant flames of fall;
nostalgia blends in with the rousing shout.
The selfsame change's force impels them all,
fall that's welcomed ushers summer out.

Spring with its burgeoning restyling,
the emerging land, water's eager surge,
mixture of shower's tears, sun smiling,
as we feel the waking new life urge
For some, summer's mood is languid.
Studies recessed, for some, social break.
For others, activities bring competition;
for awaited events, the time we make.

Most contradictory, though, may be winter,
by the fire, some would read and veg.
While others gamely to the trails and slopes,
try their skill at challenging life's wild edge.

The climes with seasons' change little or lacking,
perhaps more stable, at least externally,
with inner energies their pathways tracking,
their impetus may be in a higher reality.

@06/11/2019 Carol Welch
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