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Circus Reverse

A most mortifying time at the circus, let's say,
in the parking lot of our town.
Several friends were invited, rare event that day,
with early purchase, half price for each one.

No check book along, but sufficient the cash,
treat and admission for all to provide,
so before the deadline for half price would pass,
to buy tickets; they'd been taken outside.

We took the detour to the ticket booth,
to make our purchase, still early, how nice.
The clerk then told us the awful truth;
only at the store had been the half price.

So I opened my billfold; three extra small boys,
plus our own had their admission paid.
Time was over--deadline to enter,
so the awkward decision was made.

The show began; colorful barkers called,
advertising delectable wares.
By my now-empty wallet, I was appalled;
their grandparentsóin plain sightówere there.

The grandma and grandpa treated the girls,
as cotton candy and hot dogs were sold.
I opened my purse; just a small roll of Certs,
received with fallen faces, left cold.

Their sisters smiling, across the way,
ate cotton candy and hot dogs with zest.
Our small boy companions, missing out that day,
were not convinced Certs were the best.

The root beer floats and games back at our place,
lacked power to alter the mood,
as we tried to assure them their good sport grace,
helped us see they were special and good.

We laughed about performers, the ponies and pups,
the boy who folded his sister into a trunk,
a circus is a treat, although downs and ups,
may be the tops or the bunk.

Although disappointments sometimes came their way,
our kids weathered gamely some minor hurts,
able to ruefully smile at the day,
they had to treat their guests with the Certs.

@06/08/2019 Carol Welch
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