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“Let it begin with me,” the thought arose,
soft words whispered in my ear.
My foolish mind mutters, “Grandiose,”
as stated aims, although like mine, I hear.

The world, so wide, its realms so vast,
the nations plodding and contending too.
So small, in reality, is the shadow cast,
by individuals like me and you.

And, yet, the portion of the world we touch,
is, oh, so faintly altered by our acts.
God's guidance may make our courage much,
and attitudes affect as much as facts.

As we grow, around us, we may see,
a bit of difference in those we meet.
As mutually shared, support and empathy,
a little warm acceptance on our street.

The news of the world is surely grave,
yet, like waves, from dropped pebbles, spreading out,
part by little part, the honest act helps save.
“Let it begin with me!” within me shout.

@06/07/2019 Carol Welch
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