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Soul Lifting Solstice

Again, we teeter on the avid verge,
of that season longed-for, mellow, mild.
How tenuous the filling
our waking urge,
to savor summer like a sun tanned child.

To our amazement, winter lingered;
unexpected came the tardy blast.
Frigid winds and icy edges fingered,
lakes and streams; snow mounted drifts to last.

The sudden burgeoning of bursting buds,
when, again, fickle weather took a turn,
brought wild cherry, plum and apple blossom floods,
while we enjoyed lilac fragrance, feathery fern.

And, now the calendar points factually,
to the summer season just days away ,
even though our experience was actually,
compressed seasons, unfolding every day.

I now am resolute in resolution,
to refuse to complain of shortening days
though I am well aware the diminution,
follows those fulfilling summer ways.

The wild geese that parade across our lawn,
this year their gaggle amounts to only five,
the doe that nibbled flowers brings out her fawn.
Bird calls at dusk sound glad to be alive.

So savor summer breezes on the hay fields,
while it lasts, the promise and the prize,
are the practical, feed the crop yields,
and the moment, blessing nose and eyes.

@06/10/2018 Carol Welch
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