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A Rose of Any Color

Subtle, red-orange, edging livid pink,
dew touched cream, in pale mauve, faint lines
in layered curves, hues that interlink,
while a solid, white, gold, red, just shines

While charmed by, gifted by the flower,
drawn by fragrance, faint or more intense,
brightening the mood, make sweet the hour,
violet, peach, cadmium, varied to our sense.

"By any other name," I would suppose,
the sweetness and the brilliance would equal be.
But if we should indicate the color 'rose',
what is the image our mind's eyes would see?

If you mentioned the first two described,
my response would be, to me, right now,
those blooming from a loved one's thoughtful gift,
are just unique, I do aver and vow.

@06/21/2018 Carol Welch
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