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Fourth of July Encouragement

By the sunset, moonrise,we anticipate,
the band, skyrockets, gathering of the crowd.
In joyful tradition, land's birth celebrate,
brightly, lively, heartily and loud.

Through the years we continue honoring the brave,
who gave lives and property to secure,
some to the leadership, others to the grave,
bringing freedom and hope we may endure.

We behold the banner, red, white and blue,
bold, colorful, cheering, rippling in the air,
looking back with thanks for what it's brought us through,
forward to what right actions can prepare.

May the carefree, joyful children, dressed for fun,
enjoying the holiday, full of spirits bright,
reap the gain of their forebears' efforts,
opportunity, safety as their birthright.

Mid the fun and high spirits, holidays can bring,
thankfulness fills many citizens' hearts.
As gathered spectators stand up and sing,
may they hold onto the fidelity it starts.

@06/27/2018 Carol Welch
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