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Early July Walk

Early morning time parameters are narrow,
but, still, I'll squander it upon my morning walk,
and smile as surplus grain bits feed the sparrow.

Varied shapes, black-eyed Susan, flat-topped yarrow,
as I see the dainty blue hair bell on its stalk,
enjoying all, though time parameters are narrow.

I ponder, "Does the crow fly straight as an arrow,
not enjoying meandering like I do as I walk?"
More likely, I'd hop, random as a sparrow.

I picture daisies overflowing a wheelbarrow,
miss having a hiking friend with whom to talk,
although early morning's time parameters are narrow.

I see corn high, left far behind the harrow,
that smoothed the seed bed for each future corn stalk,
in rows like crows fly, as straight as an arrow.

My heart is lifted to a mood most aero,
soaring like the distant high born hawk.
Though it may seem available time is narrow,
my experience is like the God-protected sparrow.

@07/02/2018 Carol Welch
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