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Maybe too flighty, but hopeful


Accessible; What a sweet word to one by limits bound,
by inner limits of mobility or strength,
by doubt or conviction no free access can be found.
May assistance by decree or device bridge chasm's length?

What an uplifting thought: Accessible,
when observable state of situation is confining.
Not being freed, the idea nearly inexpressible,
and reaching out may seem the end of tunnel shining.

When some way, we can see or realize,
one's own volition may allow a goal be met,
the inner bonds when thrown to sea or skies,
may see the freedom swell,or miracle rend the net.

May the nearness of desire be revealed,
to the body, mind, inner drive irrepressible,
so that the power of even small volition yield,
reality of that desired condition, accessible.

@05/31/2018 Carol Welch
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