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Bravery and Love Remembered

With passing time, they have loaned or shared their laurels,
to civilians who passed and also were held dear.
Although the day to those who had born our quarrels,
was dedicated as they met threats ominously near.

As our nation hailed them, adorned their place of rest,
held parades for those who gladly had returned,
salved wounds and morale of those who gave their best,
proclaimed a day to display bouquets for honors earned.

And now, it is hoped, not only in the war,
but devotion expressed for loved ones passed,
Flowers, crosses, emblems of honor at the fore,
for heroes, family, friends, too, in our memories last.

As summer's coming is marked by a nostalgic event,
of honor, a newly refreshed face of life,
time remembering efforts bravely spent,
may we, stand by our children, man and wife.

@05/30/2018 Carol Welch
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