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Night Journey

In filmy filter of misty high sky clouds,
the moon, full blown, begins its lingering descent.
From its burnt orange rise like a glowing globe,
expanding from a linear gleam to half a sphere

Dominating the horizon, dwarfing sun-tinged wisps,
she commences her high trek across the sky.
Then, through the night, changed from orange to silver bright,
beams on sparkling dew, like jewels on twig and grass's blade.

Lighting wisps of fog like rivers of luminous flow,
its glow back-lighting the silhouettes of boughs near bare,
bereft of all but flutter of late-leaving leaves,
dawdling, tenaciously clutching summer's life.

Again, horizon silhouettes low brush and craggy pines,
as the fading moon gives place to cloudy dawn.
Was yesterday, with sun, breeze and brightness in command,
only a transient phase, perennial shutting down?

So, lingering leaves, lighted by the moons soft beams,
give way so soon to pristine, white, sparkling snow,
risky and unyielding ice, beneath our feet,
mandating clear eyed caution in our steps.

Just hold the mellow moon a little while,
though not within our grasp to keep it just this span.
It's within our heart and mind we hold,
the commanding, fascinating, gentle, moon-filled night.

Hoping it may be when seasons turn again,
that God, who paints and tends the beauty there,
grant us, if in His best for us, we'll share that moon,
the wonder not outgrown as harvest and night remain.

@10/27/2018 Carol Welch
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