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Birds of a Diversity

The chickadee, with chirpy cheer,
on the new feeder, takes his place,
announces, "There is bird seed here."
and flitting partakers find their space.

Woodpeckers, early in the morn,
check the availability,
sunflower seed preferred to corn,
size dictates perch facility.

Downy woodpecker perches anywhere;
his look-alike but larger size,
Called "hairy", but do we see his hair?
His long tail calls for compromise.

The feeder lacks a "tail brace" base;
to 'balance and eat' calls for control,
so he gives up his feeder space,
and perches nearby on the pole.

The quandary where, consequently,
to reach the food is now the thing;
We laugh to see his remedy,
reaching back over shoulder of his wing.

New, red-breasted nut-hatch, tiny thing,
with his slightly larger counterpart,
exhibit their unique traveling,
upside-down, a lively art.

Bright cardinal, with his red hue bold,
with his modest wife of olive gray,
but with highlights of scarlet and gold,
feed on the ground, or feeder tray.

With alarming shriek, the bright blue jay,
upsets the avian status quo,
scattering what is in his way,
though beautiful, cousin of the crow.

When the robin and bluebird depart
the bright oriole his bag nest deserts,
juncos just stop by , take heart;
a little variety never hurts.

Birds, like friends, takes every kind,
enjoy the showy and the steady;
Personalities, all types, find,
when eyes are open, and hearts are ready.

Each bird has a personality,
winter hardy or spring inclined.
Appealing to you and charming me,
Variety in life, we find.

@11/01/2018 Carol Welch
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