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A Villain of the Piece

Taking candy from a baby:
Easy? but a noisy task.
If you're that heartless, there's no maybe,
no but or if, demand or ask.

The race is on, ferocious defenders,
seeing in you, vestige of greed,
have you in crosshairs hate engenders,
throw ice water on your nasty deed.

The troubadour, who sings of virtue,
condemns the dimensions of your offense.
Like the ravens, we alert you,
taking from one with no defense.

Invigorating the adrenalin,
hopes for accurate steps you hold.
Avenue lit by a firefly or his kin,
the river looks so deep and cold.

All this for a piece of candy,
piecemeal segments of your retreat,
feeling anything but dandy,
with very, very tired feet.

Candy kisses, wasted laurel,
honor, for your greed, you'll miss.
In amends, give up the quarrel;
give back the candy; take the kiss.

@11/02/2018 Carol Welch
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