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A Pumpkin's Other Use

"A pumpkin", you say, so innocently,
then would you please tell me why
your sly, spooky eyes scrutinize me,
with, in sight, not even one pie ?

And why is your wide, jagged mouth all askew,
in the shadowy, eerie landscape,
ready to say "boo," Oh, can it be you?
On your shoulders, see a white sheet drape.

You think your surprise will baffle my eyes,
as you duck down in headless delight,
holding the pumpkin aloft on your hands,
beneath sheet, giggles sound through the night.

I no more ask why there isn't a pie,
the pumpkin's a ruse for a treat.
The face all askew was fashioned by you,
and I guess you have earned your sweet treat.

@10/14/2018 Carol Welch
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