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Myriad Hope

Mississippi, Alabama,
Florida with waving palm,
let rambunctious waves be calmer;
keep them safe, dad, child and mom.

On the ocean, gulf and sky,
surging waters, darkening cloud,
evacuate; don't wait and ask why.
Get to safety, whole, unbowed.

We, in the continental clime,
stand by and pray against the pain,
while, as leaves change with fall time,
please save friends from the hurricane.

On horizons, dark looms pestilence,
with faith we stand, seeking relief,
precautions follow with diligence,
today, in God, our firm belief.

Oregon, state of Washington,
California's northern parts,
threats of wild fire burning on;
praying lips and caring hearts.

May our actions match our speaking,
help in words and treasure too.
Wisdom in our leaders seeking,
faith and actions see our land through.

@09/16/2020 Carol Welch
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