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Isolation's Boon

When things we prize are gone or out of reach,
it may be the moving or settling of time.
Lack of the familiar a lesson may teach,
hearts busy with the common, a higher climb.

The solitary situation, though unplanned,
may give way to appreciation of profound;
the effort to make sense of it make grand,
plain, unnoticed happenings all around.

The rainbow on the wall reflecting prism hung,
shadow lengthening on the evening lawn ,
the glow of moonrise, watching stars all strung,
sweet, peaceful sleep that cherishes the dawn.

The friend we miss when gatherings are few,
we may with eagerness, seek out a card,
that says deeply and tangibly for them too,
that we are caring when life is bare and hard.

The many lovely things a mind can learn,
a craft, perhaps, from an arid mood awake,
with new vision of bounty, may vigor burn,
a lonely self to initiator make.

@09/13/2020 Carol Welch
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